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Historical societies are repositories for artifacts and documents reflecting the heritage of their towns.  Catalogs of these historical materials have traditionally been recorded in ledgers and boxes of index cards.  We are transcribing these catalogs into an online database using the PastPerfect museum collection management software application.  This is a slow, laborious process.  When completed, the digital catalog will contain details about each item including its location and often a photograph. 

Today the catalog is a work in progress.  We are making it accessible to the community.  Please understand that only a fraction of our collections has been loaded into the database and the entries for most are incomplete.  Even so, it offers an eye-opening view into our amazing collections.

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Falmouth Heritage MuseumThe Museum and Barn at 60 Woods Road in Falmouth are usually open during summer (June-October) on most Tuesdays (9:00-3:00) or by appointment.  Check our calendar to see exactly which Tuesdays we are open.  If Tuesday's aren't convenient, we are happy to open the Museum for an individual, family, or group.  Please call ahead (207-781-4727) to set up an appointment or to arrange for a volunteer knowledgeable about your area of interest (such as family history research) to be here.  You can also reach us at

According to tax records, the farmhouse and a barn were built by Humphrey Merrill Jr. near the western end of present-day Woods Road about 1812.  Over the next 150 years, it served the Leighton and Axelsen families before Dr. & Mrs. David Andrews took ownership and lived in the home until 2004 when they donated the building to the Society.  The house was moved to its present location in 2005.  After connecting to utilities, repointing the chimneys, landscaping, and repairing and repainting the interior, the home became The Falmouth Heritage Museum.  It was first opened to the public on June 14, 2008.  

Since its opening, many projects have been completed to enhance the Museum, namely:  a handicapped accessible ramp, a rest room, herb garden, tree plantings, and a new roof.  In late 2011, we built a new barn to house many of our larger artifacts, particularly the 1924 REO fire truck, and a Falmouth-built milk wagon from the late 1800's.  The barn was dedicated on June 23, 2012.  Our thanks to the Davis Family Foundation for their grant making the barn possible.

In the Spring of 2015, board members, society members and town representatives met with then Maine Archives and Museums Director and Falmouth resident Erin Bishop.  Dr. Bishop led attendees through a strategic planning session to help us reaffirm our mission and better define our direction.   After much discussion, the board determined that the best use of our museum property would be as an office/exhibition space in which our collections and research could be on the first floor of a handicap-accessible building.  With the generosity of our membership. we were able to install a new heating/cooling system.  Additionally, with a lot of volunteer help, our collections were all moved to the 60 Woods Road location.  Over the winter months, dedicated volunteers arranged our collections.

The Museum now serves as a research and display center for local, Falmouth information and resources.  We offer wireless internet access and a comfortable work space for your research needs.

Genealogical Research

The Falmouth Historical Society maintains a library of research material relating to the genealogy of many Falmouth families.  You're welcome to come to the Falmouth Heritage Museum and use the reference materials, or we can assist you by researching your inquiries. 

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